Krabi Services is a top quality service for the European consumer.This is a complete service that goes from the concept and design of furniture to the manufacture, assembly and decoration of the entire room. Slovenian company Krabi exclusively offers Krabi services, therefore we take into account specific preferences, habits and needs of customers throughout the entire process until completion is reached. In 20 years of activity, we have not yet created two identical products.

Krabi services include:

  • Professional examination of the premises that the customer intends to furnish;
  • Conversation with the customer about his or her desires, needs, lifestyle and space purpose;
  • Conceptual design and architectural planning, which reflect the high professionalism of Krabi company that entirely takes into account all the customer's wishes;
  • A detailed three-dimensional computer drawing, which gives the customer a clear insight into how the newly furnished space and the whole interior will look;
  • Arrangement and coordination with installation, municipal, electrical and telecommunication works contractors;
  • Manufacturing, transportation and installation of all necessary furniture according to the highest standards of the end product;
  • Layout of the entire final interior, in order to have the space fully equipped even before the customer takes it over;
  • A comprehensive warranty on all furniture.